2015 OMP Family Day in Summer

Twice a year, the whole OMP family gets to celebrate and get to know each member more through gatherings. Family Summer Day 2015 was one of the occasions, celebrated with our special guest, Mr. Daniel Kuenzli.



It was a simple celebration where the OMP employees could bring their family members to the Factory and see where and who they work with, followed by a swimming party at Fortune Resort. The activities included cheering competitions, singing showdowns, fashion shows and a swim contest where the winner will challenge Mr. Kuenzli, a competitive swimmer back in his days. Employees also enjoyed sharing their home cooked food with each other for lunch and cool down and play in the pool. A dance performance was also held by the regular employees and the potential family members.


As part of the company Values, OMP maintains a family oriented culture. OMP places importance in keeping strong relationships between its members which we believe helps drive better performance inside and out of the work place.