2017 A Year of Improvements

DSC_4653We welcome 2017 to some changes in the organization. We were initially part of the Salzmann Group of Companies (SAG), Salzmann Medico. After some changes in our mother company, we were part of the transition of Salzmann Medico’s towards being an independent company from SAG into SMedico. We are looking forward to the improvements this change will bring though our vision remains the same:


OmnimedPhils Inc.’s vision is to be the provider of the no.1 orthosis choice of doctors in the Philippines; one of the top 5 preferred Orthosis brands by doctors and consumers in South East Asia; and top 10 in the world.


2017 will be a year of improvements for the company as it works towards certification for ISO 9001:2015 which not only improve the overall quality of the processes but also provide us better access to international markets.