2019 Team Building

OMP Family had our summer outing and team building this year at Lily’s Farm Resort, Tanay, Rizal.

It had been a challenging year for the company, going through QMS certification and working for another standard certification all while meeting production demands and external pressures. It seemed right that we had a refresher, an opportunity to get closer while having fun so we can tackle future challenges stronger, as a family.

The location was appropriate a farm all to ourselves, beside the lake, away from the busy surroundings, with fresh air, peace and quiet. Noise and chaos, all for us to generate.

And my, did we. It was fun, chaos, laughter from midday to midnight. Some members showed sides of themselves not usually seen in the company setting. Everyone showing their competitive spirits in the group activities, where the family were split into 3 teams: Red (the best team/no bias from the writer), Grey and White. Colors of the company under its new mother organization- SMEDICO AG. Team activities were combinations of challenges involving communication, mental, physical and knowledge of company products.

After the team activities everyone helped out in preparation of dinner in the form of an boodle fight. The night was capped off with usual singing, story telling by the bonfire and swimming.

In OmnimedPhils, we practice a family oriented relationship with all the company’s stakeholders. This is our foundation in being results driven, quality focused and innovation minded. We aim to strengthen this culture in our journey forward.

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