OmnimedPhils, Inc (OMP) is an orthopaedic soft goods/orthosis manufacturing and export company in the Philippines. It was previously manufacturing and designing for different European customers under a different name Quality Sew Inc (QSI), until 2011, when Salzmann AG one of its customers holding the Omnimed® brand in Switzerland, bought controlling shares of the Philippine plant. In 2017, after some changes in our mother company, we were part of the transition of Salzmann Medico’s towards being an independent company from SAG into SMedico.

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Our Mission, Vision and Values


To develop and manufacture Omnimed® orthosis products of high quality, cost-competitive and timely delivered for our mother company, S|Medico AG and the South East Asian Market. OmnimedPhils, Inc. employs and trains local Filipino talents to work closely with foreign partners to continuously improve our products.

To maintain a family oriented relationship with all the company’s stakeholders. We are passionate at being results driven, quality focused and innovation minded. We aim to grow and share fair profits while operating in an environment friendly company.


OmnimedPhils Inc.’s vision is to be the provider of the no.1 orthosis choice of doctors in the Philippines; one of the top 5 preferred Orthosis brands by doctors and consumers in South East Asia; and top 10 in the world.