A Christmas with OMNIMEDPHILS Family to Remember

The OmnimedPhils Christmas party was held last December 13, 2016 with the special visit of the president of Salzmann AG St. Gallen, Daniel Künzli, and Jack Johnston. The OmnimedPhils family was grateful for Daniel’s efforts to come and celebrate this occasion.

OMP Family with Daniel Künzli


Building strong relationships among the employees and employers is essential in an organization. A simple deed can create a loyal and trustworthy employees, which makes special holidays such as Christmas an opportunity to share their gratitude and warm wishes to the people working within the organization. OMP Christmas party featured local games like rubber band shooting, pot hitting, marble hitting, calamansi relay, ball shooting, cheering and singing.

Rubber band shooting. A popular classic game during the 90’s which aims to have the highest number of rubber bands on the pole.

Next to that was everyone’s favorite part, the gift giving, where Daniel and Jack gave the employees their Christmas gifts and a Noche Buena grocery package. Each member was called one by one to express their gratitude for their support and excellent work for the company. After that, the family also gave Sir Daniel a small present which would remind him of OmnimedPhils. It’s a caricature with dedications from OMP family. In addition to that, Kuya Sam personally thanked him and spoke wishes to him.

Gift giving

Then the moment of truth came up, the summation of points and the awarding. The scores on the cheering and singing contest were revealed. For the cheering, there was a tie between red team and yellow team, while on the singing contest, black team tied with yellow team. Everyone was heated up while waiting for their total scores until finally, with a total of 25 points; the champion was announced to be the red team with a prize of Php 6000 inclusive of OmnimedPhils polo shirts. The first runner up is the green team with Php 3600 cash prize, the second runner up is orange team with Php 2400, and the last two teams gone home with Php 100 for each player.

The Champs. The red team was declared the champion for gaining 25 points with just a 1 point lead from the green team.

The fun-filled party ended with a picture taking and with everyone jumping and singing the song Salamat by the The Dawn. World class character was very evident from the family during this day. Whether they win or lose, each one displayed sportsmanship. Seeing the whole aspect of the party, the line “we do our best” is just the right core value of the OMP family. From preparation to carrying out; from practice to performance, we can say that OMP family always gives their best.

Written by: Marie Ashlee Garia and Ruth Banggo, OMP-OJT’s

More pictures of the celebration:


OMNIMED at Ultimate Sunny 2016

Ultimate Sunny 2016

The beach ultimate Frisbee tournament was held at Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales last June 18-19, 2016 organized by Ultimate Sunday Club, with 20+ teams participating. OMNIMED Philippines attended as event sponsors giving prizes to the most valuable male and female players in the different pools and the mythical 4.

Pool C MVPs - OMNIMED Move Pro Elbow Supports
Pool C MVPs – OMNIMED Move PRO Elbow Supports
Pool B MVPs – OMNIMED Move PRO Ankle Supports
Pool A MVPs – OMNIMED Move PRO Knee Supports
Pool A Mythical 4 – OMNIMED Move ST Knee Supports

Beach ultimate is a fun but physically demanding sport. Running, jumping and cutting becomes more draining and strenuous for the players since the game is played on the unstable sands while under the intense heat of the tropical sun.



USC-21 USC-35


OMNIMED knitted support lines- Move, Energy and Dynamic, provide excellent joint supports for Beach Ultimate Frisbee and similar sports. The knitted materials provide breathable and sufficient stability without limiting one’s range of motion. Depending on the amount of support one desires, he/she may choose from different ranges.

Move Move ST Move Pro

The base, ST and PRO ranges offer increasing support and function.


It was a fun and action packed event. Ultimately won by Pool A Champions PIRATES. Congratulations to all other winners and participants! See you in future tournaments!

For more information about the OMNIMED Knitted Supports, you may contact us through sales@omnimed.ph or visit our distribution partners.

Welcoming Dr. Nguyen Phu the OmnimedPhils Way

Last November 10, we had the pleasure of receiving Dr. Nguyen Le Phu, from Dat Phu Loi Co., Ltd. Vietnam who was interested in Omnimed Products.

They say, “It’s more Fun in the Philippines”. In OmnimedPhils, we think the same way. It’s in our culture to make our guests, whether they are our customers or our suppliers, feel like family.

To maintain a family oriented relationship with all the company’s stakeholders.

Like with our previous guests, part of the experience is to understand the culture and history of the Philippines so his visit included tour of Intramuros. He also got to appreciate the Philippine food and dances by dining in the famous restaurant, Barbaras.



Of course, Dr. Nguyen had the chance to see and try each and every Omnimed product we produce.



It was a long day of discussions so after the business meeting, the OMP family, also presented their own version of the Philippine folk dances.

DSC_0059 DSC_0053 DSC_0052 DSC_0042


Thank you for visiting us. We hope you enjoyed your stay! We look forward to establishing a long term relationship with you and your company.

2015 OMP Family Day in Summer

Twice a year, the whole OMP family gets to celebrate and get to know each member more through gatherings. Family Summer Day 2015 was one of the occasions, celebrated with our special guest, Mr. Daniel Kuenzli.



It was a simple celebration where the OMP employees could bring their family members to the Factory and see where and who they work with, followed by a swimming party at Fortune Resort. The activities included cheering competitions, singing showdowns, fashion shows and a swim contest where the winner will challenge Mr. Kuenzli, a competitive swimmer back in his days. Employees also enjoyed sharing their home cooked food with each other for lunch and cool down and play in the pool. A dance performance was also held by the regular employees and the potential family members.


As part of the company Values, OMP maintains a family oriented culture. OMP places importance in keeping strong relationships between its members which we believe helps drive better performance inside and out of the work place.