2015 OMP Family Day in Summer

Twice a year, the whole OMP family gets to celebrate and get to know each member more through gatherings. Family Summer Day 2015 was one of the occasions, celebrated with our special guest, Mr. Daniel Kuenzli.



It was a simple celebration where the OMP employees could bring their family members to the Factory and see where and who they work with, followed by a swimming party at Fortune Resort. The activities included cheering competitions, singing showdowns, fashion shows and a swim contest where the winner will challenge Mr. Kuenzli, a competitive swimmer back in his days. Employees also enjoyed sharing their home cooked food with each other for lunch and cool down and play in the pool. A dance performance was also held by the regular employees and the potential family members.


As part of the company Values, OMP maintains a family oriented culture. OMP places importance in keeping strong relationships between its members which we believe helps drive better performance inside and out of the work place.





Omnimed Cast Shoe (OM99701-05)

 PlasterShoeIntroducing the Omnimed Cast Shoe.

Purposely built to give comfort to those with cast/splints who are able to apply pressure on their sole. The textile design, allows the shoe to accommodate casts while having enough rigidity to provide stability for its users.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The shoe has the following design features:

  • a removable toe cover to allow more ventilation.
  • made from breathable, Oeko-tex certified textile
  • velcro straps for easy insertion and removal
  • removable sole padding for washability
  • Available in different sizes: S-XL


Shown is the cast shoe, paired with the Omnimed Night Splint. The cast shoe is a perfect complement to the night splint, converting the products into a walker splint.

Note: Products are sold in pieces

Photo credit: all photographs by Dominic Baylas.

Words from the CEO, OmnimedPhils Inc.

SFP - CopyThe past three years,  OMNIMEDPHILS INC. experienced  enormous challenges. Our old factory was completely burned down, we had to quickly rent and manufacture our goods in makeshift small factory, and worse, our orders were doubled and new product lines were introduced. Our OMP FAMILY, as a team,  confronted and survived the challenges.

Last 1 July 2014, after 7 months of construction, we completed our new factory – the symbol of Mr. Daniel Kunzli’s and SALZMANN GROUP’s trust confidence in OMP FAMILY and the Philippines.

This, again, presents us  another challenge. With this new factory, we must now show that we can continue to maintain the high standards  of SALZMANN GROUP  – Swiss quality, delivery and competitive costs. We must improve our processes to be efficient. We will obtain certifications  such as ISO 9001 to be truly considered world class.

As OMNIMEDPHILS INC. starts operations in this new factory, I would like to thank  the construction team, the local government,  attendees during the inauguration, our OMP FAMILY who worked months to prepare to dance and sing to our guests and at the same time producing our goods for  shipments. And of course, to my able management staff Eddie Ben Peralta and Barnard Peralta, thank you.