OMNIMED at Ultimate Sunny 2016

Ultimate Sunny 2016

The beach ultimate Frisbee tournament was held at Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales last June 18-19, 2016 organized by Ultimate Sunday Club, with 20+ teams participating. OMNIMED Philippines attended as event sponsors giving prizes to the most valuable male and female players in the different pools and the mythical 4.

Pool C MVPs - OMNIMED Move Pro Elbow Supports
Pool C MVPs – OMNIMED Move PRO Elbow Supports
Pool B MVPs – OMNIMED Move PRO Ankle Supports
Pool A MVPs – OMNIMED Move PRO Knee Supports
Pool A Mythical 4 – OMNIMED Move ST Knee Supports

Beach ultimate is a fun but physically demanding sport. Running, jumping and cutting becomes more draining and strenuous for the players since the game is played on the unstable sands while under the intense heat of the tropical sun.



USC-21 USC-35


OMNIMED knitted support lines- Move, Energy and Dynamic, provide excellent joint supports for Beach Ultimate Frisbee and similar sports. The knitted materials provide breathable and sufficient stability without limiting one’s range of motion. Depending on the amount of support one desires, he/she may choose from different ranges.

Move Move ST Move Pro

The base, ST and PRO ranges offer increasing support and function.


It was a fun and action packed event. Ultimately won by Pool A Champions PIRATES. Congratulations to all other winners and participants! See you in future tournaments!

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