OMNIMED® Ortho supports stand out thanks to their excellent functionality and therapeutic benefit. This is a result of continuous further development in close co-operation with physicians, orthopaedic technicians and therapists. Thanks to this market proximity, you can always rely on OMNIMED® products to incorporate the latest findings and therapeutic approaches. The OMNIMED® product range is undergoing continuous further development and thus meets the high requirements and therapeutic standards of contemporary medical devices.
Ortho Omo Deluxe
Ortho Omo Davos
Ortho Omo Gilchrist
Ortho Omo Mitella
Ortho Clavicula Universal
Ortho Manu Optima
Ortho Manu CTS
Ortho Manu Classic
Ortho Manu Dual
Ortho RhizoFix
Ortho Manu Intrinsic Plus 1
Ortho Manu Intrinsic Plus 3
Ortho Manu Intrinsic Plus 4
Ortho Lumbofix
Ortho TarsoLok