OMNIMED® Fixation 4 Finger Splint


Finger splints are sometimes used to hold your finger in place to keep it from moving, such as when it is sprained or broken.






– Immobilization of traumatized or operated fingers to prevent contracture of metacarpophalangeal joints. Conservative therapy of fracture of the metacarpus II-V.


–   Loosen velcro straps and open splint

–   Position hand and fingers therein. Please ensure that the hand joint is positioned in the functional position and the fingers are in the intrinsic plus position

–   The angle of the flexure of the finger joints can be modified if needed

–   Close splint, by possibly overlapping the seamed, exposed edges

–   Fasten Velcro straps

Precautionary measures:

In the event of pressure complaints, please check whether the correct size has been selected and recheck that the correct side has been selected.

Product disposal is the wearer’s responsibility. Local regulations must be complied with.

Store in a dry place.

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