OMNIMED® Fixation Manu CTS





– Relieving the carpal tunnel with peripheral compression syndrome of the median nerve

– Wrist immobilization (post-traumatic,  post-operative) and with inflammatory disorders


–  Loosen all velcro straps

–  Pull the orthosis – with bend-side aluminum stabilizer and localized radial-side tightening aid (spandex connecting fabric) – over the hand and forearm. The position of the orthosis is correct if the metacarpal capitulum are exposed and the stabilizer lies on the palm of the hand

–  Lock the orthosis with the desired tension through fixation of the velcro straps (provided as a reverse bridle through clasps) on the bend-side and the velcro unit running on the stretch-side between the

thumb and forefinger

Precautionary measures:

Proper selection of side and size; do not utilize any damaged products.

Product disposal is the wearer’s responsibility. Local and legal regulations must be complied with.

Store in a dry place.

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