OMNIMED® Fixation Manu Intrinsic Plus 1


Finger splints are sometimes used to hold your finger in place to keep it from moving, such as when it is sprained or broken.




– For immobilizing the finger in the ‘Intrinsic Plus’ position following trauma or operation and preventing contracture of the bottom finger joint. Conservative therapy of fracture of the metacarpus.


–   Loosen the velcro straps and open the splint

–   Place the finger and wrist in the splint

–   Adjust the bottom finger joint to the flexion desired.

–   To close, wrap the distal strap around the finger; the proximal elastic strap, around the forearm

–   Pass the center strap between thumb and index finger, wrap around to the back of the hand, align with the palm, and fasten over the stabilizer.


Should the wearer complain of pressure, check the correct position of the finger. It may be necessary to reshape the removable aluminium stabilizer.

Product disposal is the wearer’s responsibility. Local regulations must be complied with.

Store in a dry place.

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