OMNIMED® Fixation Night Splint Classic


Orthosis to immobilize foot in the upright position.




– Post-traumatic and post-operative conditions following fractures and ligament lesions in the area of the upper and lower femur, the heel and the ankle.

– Immobilization after rupturing the Achilles tendon

– Painful swellings during inflammatory changes in soft tissues (tendovaginitis, soft tissue rheumatism)

– Wound healing problems


– Loosen the velcro straps and position foot in the splint. Please ensure that the heel is positioned in the proper intended opening. As a result, the foot will be positioned in the required plantigrade position

– Close the splint by fixing the velcro straps

Precautionary measures:

The product is designed to support the foot.

The stability is limited. Therefore, no pressure may be exerted on the foot. Due to the PVC satin used to cover the sole, there is an additional danger of slipping.

Product disposal is the wearer’s responsibility. Local and legal regulations must be complied with.

Store in a dry place.


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