OMNIMED® Fixation Omo Deluxe


Universal bandage for immobilization of the shoulder joint.




– Posttraumatic, with fractures of the proximal humerus and the scapula as well as after luxation/contusion

– Postoperative, after interventions on the shoulder


– The inner layer facing the body consists of CVC cotton and is also recognizable through the marking (SAMA logo, washing instructions) affixed to the hook Velcro unit.

– The adjustable sling for positioning of the forearm is to be positioned on the belt sewn to the bandage and the terminal hook Velcro.

– The clasp attached to that has to point upwards.

– The strap affixed centrally to the upper arm belt on the triangular clasp is to be aligned so that it can run without torsion across the back towards the healthy shoulder.


– Guide the bandage in a circular fashion around the lower chest region and close through fixation of the terminal Velcro unit to the self-adhesive outer layer.

– Position forearm in the adjustable sling

– Guide the belt affixed to the bandage around the upper arm and close

– After correct alignment, guide the strap affixed in the rear to the triangular plastic clasp diagonally across the back towards the healthy shoulder, and after length adjustment click the clasp portion into the clasp affixed to the forearm sling

– Fasten the excess portion of the strap (by means of the terminal small hook element) to the shoulder padding

– Centre the strap’s padding unit across the shoulder blade and collarbone

– The adjustable forearm sling can be optionally secured to the bandage with the supplied black hook Velcro strips

Precautionary Measures:

Ensure correct adjustment of the belt (avoidance of torsion) and the padding unit (centered across the prominent bone regions)

Disposal is the user’s responsibility. Local legal provisions are to be considered in this connection.

Store dry.

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