OMNIMED® Fixation Omo Gilchrist


It is used for injuries where you need to limit how much you can move your shoulder.




–  Post-traumatic, after fracture / luxation /contusion near the shoulder joint

– Post-operative, after interventions on the shoulder


Adjustment for the sizes

Removal of the bandage segments at the spots marked with a pair of scissors:

1 segment for size large, 2 segments for size medium and 3 segments for size small.

Fixation of Y-shaped Velcro element at the shortened end of the bandage

With uncertainty concerning the adequate length of the bandage, the segments should only be separated after application of the bandage


– Formation of a sufficiently large sling for the inclusion of the forearm through fastening the terminal-fixed Velcro unit on the adherent bandage

– The positioning of the forearm (bent at an approximate right angle    in the elbow joint) in the sling

– Guide the bandage over the shoulder of the healthy side and diagonally across the back, forward between the upper arm of the injured side and the chest; afterward circular around the chest, once again forward between the upper arm of the injured side and the chest

– Wrap the remaining part of the bandage around the upper arm in the rear, and close through fixation of the Velcro element on the part of the banding running across the back

Precautionary measures:

Avoid torsion of the bandage. Ensure correct size adjustment.

Disposal is the user’s responsibility. Local legal provisions are to be considered in this connection.

Store dry.

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