OMNIMED® Fixation Post- OP Epi


Orthosis to immobilize elbow and wrist.




– Post-operative immobilization after osteosynthesis or soft tissue surgery in the area of the elbow

– Immobilizing after luxations

– Immobilizing following contusions, distortions or if wounds are infected


–  Loosen the velcro straps and position arm in the splint. Make sure that the size of the splint is correct. The wrist will be immobilized if the elbow is correctly positioned

– Overlap exposed seamed edges within the forearm and upper arm   area

– Close the splint by fixing the velcro straps

Precautionary measures:

In the event of pressure complaints, please check whether the proper size has been selected. It may be necessary to anatomically shape the dorsal stabilizer.

Product disposal is the wearer’s responsibility. Local and legal regulations must be complied with.

Store in a dry place.

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