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– Conservative treatment of ligament ruptures in the area of both ankle joints and the Chopart joint. 2. Treatment following suturing or reconstruction of the ankle joint with plastic ligaments.

– Conservative treatment of stable fractures of the anklebone, the following osteosynthesis

– Conservative treatment of basic fractures of the metatarsal V bone and capsular tearing fractures of the tarsal bones.


– Remove the velcro strap fixed to the bottom of the support.

–  Loosen and open all velcro straps, open the elastic piece on the foot area, and fold the straps for the shin guard inward.

– Correct positioning of the foot in the orthotic device. The heel has to be placed in the appropriate opening.

– Close the elastic piece covering the back of the foot and fold the padded shin strap back and out toward the open edge of the orthotic device.

– Feed the narrow velcro strips through the eyelets in the foot and lower shin region, in the middle and upper shin region, thread the 2 wider velcro strips through the plastic buckles.

-Close the orthosis to the desired tightness.

–  Fasten the velcro strip that was removed at the beginning of the adjustment in the middle of the area on the fleece that is marked with blue stitches on the underside of the sole of the support and fastening the velcro strip over the back of the foot under the cross-over both on the inner and outer parts of the lateral fleece portions of the orthosis.


Pain in the area of the ankle bone or on the sole of the foot is a clear indication of the incorrect position of the stabilizer. This can be remedied by reshaping the stabilizer or replacing it. If necessary, consult your physician to avoid skin damage and pressure sores. Wear a suitable shoe, such as our Fixation Cast Shoe, or a sock to prevent direct contact with the part made from synthetic material because of its surface structure.

The disposal of the device is the responsibility of the user. Local and legal requirements should be observed.

Store in a dry place.

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