Welcoming Dr. Nguyen Phu the OmnimedPhils Way

Last November 10, we had the pleasure of receiving Dr. Nguyen Le Phu, from Dat Phu Loi Co., Ltd. Vietnam who was interested in Omnimed Products.

They say, “It’s more Fun in the Philippines”. In OmnimedPhils, we think the same way. It’s in our culture to make our guests, whether they are our customers or our suppliers, feel like family.

To maintain a family oriented relationship with all the company’s stakeholders.

Like with our previous guests, part of the experience is to understand the culture and history of the Philippines so his visit included tour of Intramuros. He also got to appreciate the Philippine food and dances by dining in the famous restaurant, Barbaras.



Of course, Dr. Nguyen had the chance to see and try each and every Omnimed product we produce.



It was a long day of discussions so after the business meeting, the OMP family, also presented their own version of the Philippine folk dances.

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Thank you for visiting us. We hope you enjoyed your stay! We look forward to establishing a long term relationship with you and your company.